Bosch Front Load Washing Machine 20180gc

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SKU: 20180gc


Child Lock, Metal Door Closing Hook, Antivibration Design, Wavedrum, Foam Detection System, VarioPerfect.

 115,000.00  114,000.00

Description presents Bosch Front Load Washing Machine 20180gc


  • VarioPerfect
  • Short-stroke buttons
  • WaveDrum
  • Fully electronic control dial for all wash- and special programs
  • 3D AquaSpa wash system with cascade for faster water penetration
  • AntiVibration Design
  • Display for programme progress, temperature, spin speed, remaining time and 24 h endtime delay
  • Multiple-stage
  • Foam detection system
  • Self cleaning detergent drawer
  • Unbalanced load detection
  • AquaSensor for optimum rinse results
  • Childproof door lock
  • Magnet lock
  • Metal door closing hook
  • Reload function
  • Left door hinge


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